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E-Sports – What is E-Sports and how to get involved


Let’s look at the subject of E-Sport, so what is it? E-Sport is basically competitive gaming, gaming played at the highest standard to win prizes. The Prizes for this sport can vary from game to game or depending on the tournament entered, you could be winning trophies, medals, in game currency or even some real cash!
Some competitions have huge pay cheques waiting for the victor surpassing hundreds of thousands of dollars… I know what your thinking, how can you get paid this for playing a video game? So today we will be giving you a bit of an idea what E-Sport is and what it involves.

If you think your pretty good at a game and you think you have what it takes, think again! a lot of these players have put years into perfecting the little details needed to rise to the top. Playing for one of the top teams in the world in your chosen game for example if your into you’re shooters like Call of Duty or CS:GO you’ll be dreaming of joining a team like Optic, Envyus or Faze – these guys are really on top of their game performing consistently at the top of the ranks for years. Or if you’re more into your games like Fifa you’ll be lucky to get on a team like #United and building the Ultimate Team.

E-Sport has definitely developed significantly over the past few years and it is really great as fan to see this grow and seeing gaming communities come together to take part or watch the professionals showcase their skills. I first started watching E-Sports back on Call of Duty Black Ops 2, I watched the World Championships unfold live and was hooked from that point getting to see Fariko Impact pick up the crown. I applied to be part of Team Fariko and had trials aiming to break into their UK team at the time, but I was not as good as I thought and couldn’t compete at that level.

Call of Duty is one of the big names in E-Sports and the games on this platform are usually played in teams of 4 players, other competitions take place on this game like duo’s – this is a game mode for 2 players to compete in quick fire rounds of usually search and destroy. It is a highly competitive game drawing in thousands of viewers to watch the top players go head to head. The growth of E-Sports has been helped by the likes of MLG and Twitch bringing the sport to the world. Things have come a long way from a few guys creating a clan and working together online to win a game or 2 to now being on a stage in front of hundreds of people with thousands watching at home competing for the right to be called champion.

For those who have never watched a competitive match I suppose the idea sounds quite dull, watching others play games rather than playing yourself but you couldn’t be more wrong. It can leave you glued to your screen for hours hoping for your favourites to come out on top. There’s nothing like a classic match up like Optic vs Envyus like we got in this year’s World Championship Final and what a final it was! These 2 teams have been back and forth all season constantly battling it out and it came down to this final… Optic came out on top with a 3-1 3-0 series victory taking home the $600k cheque.

Fifa is a little different from Call of Duty as in this competitive scene is usually played as an individual but having said that teams like the one mentioned earlier #United can acquire players to play in their teams colours. At a competitive level the game mode of choice if Ultimate Team – for those unfamiliar with this game mode, it is as it sounds, the idea is to build your Ultimate Team from the world’s biggest stars and take to the pitch. This is a game mode that is available to everyone who owns the game so if you think you have what it takes to compete all you need to do is put your team together and get into the game.

With competitions running all the time around the world it doesn’t take long to rack up those coins needed to improve your team and work your way up the rankings. From a league system to team of the week competitions, there is always something to do to gain momentum. Last year saw the rise from online gaming to seeing more LAN competitions running all through the year with some big cash wins coming to players who had never competed professionally! Don’t for a minute think it is too late to get involved with the competitive side of Fifa, if you think you have what it takes then test out your skills and jump into the action.

Each year E-Sports is growing and is showing no sign of slowing, with bigger sponsorships and higher pay outs it is really gaining some real momentum. With some matches and tournaments featuring on TV with ESPN and Sky Sports showing plenty over the past year or so and Sky launching their very own dedicated E-Sports channel Ginx TV to gives the fans a place to keep up to date with all the developments within the world of competitive gaming.
Now is the time to get involved whether you fancy watching or playing I could not recommend competitive gaming enough to anyone, so what are you waiting for? Get going and watch the best in the world play the games you love!

Thank you for taking your time to read this and as always any questions or comments, then get in touch.

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