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PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One – Console Review

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One – Console Review

For parents this can really be a daunting time of year, knowing which console to get their children for Christmas. Hopefully this little insight will give you a bit more of an idea when it comes to making that all important decision and parting with your hard earned cash.
First of all I want to clarify that I have owned both and played many wonderful hours on each, so this review is coming from my own personal experiences. I had a PlayStation 4 first of all when I upgraded to the next generation of gaming machines and I loved it, I spent a lot of time with the PS4 and had a blast each time I fired it up. I changed to Xbox One for only one reason at that time…friends. A lot of my friends were playing Xbox together on an evening and I was missing out on some serious gaming time and I wanted to be part of it, so my decision was made the time had come for me to convert. Now a few years down the line due to many factors mainly Crash Bandicoot being PlayStation exclusive I am back with Sony.

I am not biased in any way I strongly believe that each console is fantastic and console gaming has come a really long way in the past few years (who would have thought that 4K resolution would become a thing looking back only a couple of years). I have owned each version of the PlayStation all the way from PS1 to the PS4 and same goes with Xbox, when this chunky looking gaming machine came on the market many people thought that Microsoft would never be able to compete. I have never been one to follow trends really so I asked for one myself from my parents for Christmas and Santa Claus came up trumps not only did I get an Xbox I got the Crystal edition with it’s clear casing (very cool back in the day). Also I spent a great deal of time on the Xbox 360 especially when it came to Modern Warfare 2 and my 34 days…that’s right days, 34 x 24 hours of playing time I feel I have the right experience to be passing judgement on this fierce battle between Sony and Microsoft.

Now enough about me, let’s get on to the consoles first one we are going to look at is the PlayStation 4 – Other than the obvious sway of Crash Bandicoot (check out my review of Crash here) being an exclusive the PlayStation 4 is capable of a few things that the Xbox isn’t, for example if you’re wanting to take gaming to the next level and start streaming games on websites like Twitch and uploading videos of gaming to YouTube, everything you need is right here already built in and ready to get going. The PlayStation comes with a great feature called “Share” this is activated using a button on your control so once it’s setup it is really easy to use. By the name you can kind of guess what this is about – you can share your gameplay with people online, whether it’s sharing a clip of your gameplay highlights on Facebook or YouTube or even if you just want a quick screen shot all you need to do is give this button a little tap and you’re ready to go. This feature isn’t just about sharing footage you can actually share games! If you have a game you want to play with friends but they don’t have it.. No problem you can press share and select game share and you’ll be gaming with friends in no time, all you need for this feature is for both of you to have a PlayStation 4 and both have an active PlayStation Plus account (will discuss this later).
With the PS4 you get the latest version of controller to use, the controller is quite light compared to the Xbox and feels a little flimsy in your hands. It does come with a cool touchpad in the centre though which some game developers utilise really well into games and it can be quite fun to use. The back triggers (L2 & R2) on the control feel great to use, they are raised slightly more than on previous editions of this controller and they have a shorter press giving the ability to repeat tap quickly which can come in handy for games like Call of Duty.
The design of the PlayStation 4 is really well done, it looks great with a lovely matte finish and sharp edges. The light running down the centre brings it together really well, there are many designs for the colours available (for those interested I have the white Destiny edition) my favourite has got to be the 20th Anniversary Edition with the original colours of the PlayStation one on the design of the PlayStation 4, it just looks fantastic. It is also smaller than the Xbox One taking up less room on your TV stand.

Now let’s check out the Xbox One – first of all I love the menu lay our for the Xbox, the panel look we’ve come to know from Microsoft is brought together really well with some great customization options available for you to get a little creative, pinning your favourite games and apps to your home screen is really simple and is done in just a couple of taps of your controller. Flicking from tile to tile to find exactly what your looking for is really easy and looks really stylish. One of the things that I really love a out the Xbox One is an app called EA Access, this is a real game changer it’s £29.99 for a year which isn’t bad considering what you get with this. With membership to EA Access you gain a library of games available for you to download and play not demos or trial actual full games for you to keep (as long as you have an active membership) the list of titles are ever growing but include games like UFC 1 & 2, Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 1 & 2 and even great titles like FIFA and Need for Speed all available for you to download to your console.
The controller for the Xbox has always been bigger than it’s PlayStation counterpart and the Xbox One is no different, although it is larger it feels a lot more sturdy in your hands and the button layout for me personally feels a lot more natural. The vibration from this controller is really well designed too instead of getting the old fashioned generic controller shake now and then this actually feel a like each button has been mapped to vibrate individually (don’t actually know if this is a thing but certainly feels responsive in game play).
The design of the Xbox One looks great with a mixed matte and glossy casing but bloody hell is this machine a big beast. It is quite a large design for a modern day console along with its separate power pack which is also quite sizable it can soon take up quite a bit of room in your living room or bedroom depending on where you’re planning  to keep it. Although it is quite large the front of the Xbox looks fantastic, it has a touch screen interface with a glowing Xbox sign acting as the on/off button.

For both consoles you need to pay a subscription fee to play online with friends for the PlayStation you need to purchase PlayStation Plus and for the Xbox One you are required to get an Xbox Live Gold membership. Both have very similar prices and allow you to do the same things like play online and chat with friends, along with your membership to each console you get free games each month to download and keep for as long as you’re a member for.

So we’ve looked at a couple of standout features on each, the controllers and the overall design so what you can now do is make a bit of a more informed decision when it comes to purchasing either the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4. It’s obvious to say there is a lot more to each one of these consoles but this is what I make of them in a quick summary. I love both of them and I can assure you which ever you decide to go with will be a good choice, Sony and Microsoft have knocked it out of the park with their consoles and it comes down to a few simple things – which do you prefer and what are your friends playing because let’s face it nothing beats having a laugh online playing with some really good friends.
Thank you very much for taking the time to have a read through and I hoped this helps you, if you have any questions for me regarding either console please just ask.

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