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FIFA 18 Review

FIFA 18 Review – GuruOfGaming:

So it is that time of year when we see the latest instalment of the FIFA franchise to hit the shop shelves and this year is no different. So this is my review of FIFA 18, this is my personal opinion of the game and overall I feel there is great improvement on last years game. As each year comes and goes we usually see just an update on the transfers and the odd feature tweaked, but this year we have a few new things that actually does the game justice!

The Journey:

First of all following on from last years hit game mode “The Journey” which follows the debut season in the career of young Alex Hunter, after taking the Premier League by storm and winning the FA cup in his first year as a pro the drama continues here in FIFA 18. Without giving too much away *SPOILER ALERT* a failed transfer to Real Madrid is swiftly followed by being dropped to the youth ranks at your chosen club, it is up to Alex to pick up the pieces of his career and with the support of his family (including a suprise relative) get back to the heights that his debut season promised. A transfer is on the cards…but where? After you are told that you are not allowed to move within the Premier League or Europe you’re kind of running low on options and all seems lost. The MLS is pretty much the only other league you would even look at in this sort of predicament.
All this after a relaxing summer in Rio with a good friend – and by relaxing I mean having a good old fashioned kick about in the streets of the favela in Rio, throw in a quick update to FIFA street and you’re ready to go!

Game Speed:

Now this may just be me but is this years game being played in slow motion? – the speed of the game feels a lot slower than previous additions, but with slower movement comes more control. I have never been the type of player to spam skill moves and skip my way through a defence but with the slower motions even I can add the odd step over into my gameplay. Don’t get me wrong I am not in any way saying this makes the game easier, if anything the defence from AI controlled teams seem to be increasingly solid and at times (it can seem) impossible to break down.

New Crossing Feature:

Another one of the highlights in the update real is the new crossing feature – crossing has always been pretty straight forward in FIFA, you have your classic options of near post – middle of the box – far post, all of which is controlled by just holding the “crossing” button different amounts. Of course there is the option of double tapping or triple tapping to alter the height of the ball.
This year EA seem to have scrapped all that.. Now in FIFA 18 the crossing is a little tricky to get the hang of at first but once you have the knack of the controls it can quickly become your best friend when attacking down the wing. There is nothing worse than sprinting down the right wing skipping passed the left back feeling like Arjen Robben and then hitting the cross straight into the goal keepers waiting hands. The only way that I can describe the way the new crossing feature works is pretty much “point and click” point where you want the ball to go with your left analog stick and then bop straight to the oncoming striker. You can add curl to the cross by rotating the analog stick in the desired direction and whip it around the back of the defense.

Quick Substitutions:

Final update worth talking about (saved the best until last) is the new quick substitutions – this is an absolute game changer! If you’re like me and feel that it is way too much effort to go into the start menu and then into your lineup to then have to look who is tired in the team and if you have a replacement on the bench blah blah blah… you get the picture – There is now no need for that a quick tap of a button in play and your subsitute is coming on! Tthe person at EA who thought up this idea deserves a pay rise.
You can even prearrange your quick subs before a game so you know who is going to get replaced so it doesn’t matter if you run them into the ground the first 55 minutes of the game, couple of taps and you have a fresh pair of legs to carry on terrorising the opposition. This feature alone makes the game worth a purchase in my eyes.

If you want to get your copy of FIFA 18 on your chosen platform click the following link –

Thank you for reading this review and if you have any comment please feel free to get in touch!

The Guru.

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